Author: Alexa Collins

Alexa Collins is a lifestyle writer based in Miami, known for her engaging content that blends vibrant Miami culture with lifestyle topics. Her writing often reflects the dynamic and colorful backdrop of Miami, covering a range of subjects such as fashion, food, travel, and wellness. Alexa's work captures the essence of a modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle, influenced by the unique energy and diversity of her hometown. Her approach is fresh and relatable, appealing to a wide audience who seek inspiration in style, leisure, and everyday living.

In March of 2019, unprecedented storms raged across the U.S. The streets of New York flooded, Oklahoma was battered by a Thunderstorm, and blizzards halted all travel in South Dakota. Meanwhile, Florida was being pummeled by a hailstorm, and floodwaters rolling through Missouri forced large-scale evacuations. “The same month a government-backed report was issued warning that America is running out of water.” according to Scott J Cooper, “Scientists warn us that within 50 years, America’s freshwater supply will fall to a third of today’s supply. We must ask why?” Scott J Cooper Explains Where Our Water Is Going Most of…

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